Outdoor Research® Tiny House Tour Series

2014 Series

www.outdoorresearch.com Tiny House Tour, Season 3 Episode 1: Winter's People When we're born, we're all destined to become something. Some of us are lucky enough to become skiers. Throughout our lives our interests in skiing evolve, from following our parents around the hill to racing, park, and backcountry exploration and ski mountaineering.


Tiny House Tour 2014: Episode Three - Best in Snow www.outdoorresearch.com As skiers we either have them or we have friends with them-those furry creatures that freak out in a snow frenzy anytime they're let loose on a mountain. As skiers, we have dogs.


Outdoor Research Sidecountry Sessions Episode 2 takes the tiny house crew South to Colorado San Juans, where they find grassroots ambassador Steve Mead. 


The crew parks the Tiny House another week in Sidecountry heaven -- a.k.a. Whitewater, B.C. -- to rip it up in waist-deep blower and welcome a real-life mountain man to the Outdoor Research ambassador team.


The crew talks about the importance of Rob LaPier, and the passion he brings to skiing fresh powder. They wrap up their time in the Tiny House and close out their two-month tour in Jackson Hole, WY. They are already dreaming of next season.


We found this great pottery on an island five miles from ours, it took five hours and two ferry rides to get there. We were so impressed at the quality of work and the steady line at the cash register, that we sent our son Sam back to make a film about it.

www.outdoorresearch.com Tiny House Tour Episode 2 Parking Lot Culture In ski areas around the world there are stories that live in the parking lot: vans, RV's, buses, and campers host ski bums, families, keeners, and winter road warriors. In an epic conglomeration of winter culture grows the parking lot scene.


"Splitboarding is freedom..." Filmmaker Sam Giffin's ode to the snowboarders dedicated to earning their turns in untouched powder, this short film was shot on location at Giffin's adopted mountain home, Mount Baker, Washington.


2012 Series

Sun Valley, Idaho: a living, breathing museum of the North American ski timeline, dating back to the mid Twentieth Century. It began in 1939 when the first chairlifts were installed at Bald Mountain.


Whitewater is a mythical place for an American skier. Not too distant, but yet so far out of reach. According to one local, "Whitewater gets more fresh centimeters than any resort in BC, eh?"


Crossing the border into the states from Nelson, B.C. the crew takes the Tiny Home south to Jackson Hole, WY for the final stop on the tour.


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An Adventure in Culture and Clay. This short film takes us around the island of Bali and focuses in on a cute pottery studio in Ubud. Built alongside the infamous "Monkey Forest" Ubud is also considered the arts and crafts center of Bali.

See Trailer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lXSG-SzMLYk